About the Project

The Aqua Project (TAP) investigates the impact of the 2015-2016 drought in South Africa, by examining the impact on the local environment and people. The project particularly focuses on the farming industry, as this sector was heavily impacted by the water shortages instigated by the El Niño. TAP contextualizes the El Niño within larger scale climate variability that affects South Africa. This project was launched as a part of our Senior Research Project at the University of Cape Town.


Word Nerd

SoninkeI am currently chasing a degree in Interactive Media, Media and Writing, and Environmental and Geographical Science at the University of Cape Town. I have a passion for writing and storytelling. My role in The Aqua Project is a content producer and researcher. I will also focus on enhancing the user experience on our interactive website.


Computer Whizz

ClaudiaI’ve been described as something of a maverick, currently pursuing a BA in Film and Media Production (Interactive Media). Having previously completed a 2-year full-time photography course, I continue to pursue my photography as well as dabbling in all things digital. My encounters with diverse cultures and people from different backgrounds continue to inform my approach to all the work that I do. Claudia’s role within The Aqua Project is managing the technical side of things – from the website, filming/photographing and editing.